Livestock Handling Equipment

Cavan Roofing & Engineering offer a comprehensive range of livestock handling equipment. Our equipment is known for its high quality, robust design and strength. Our standard for divide and creep gates is 5 bar, but we also manufacture 4 bar on request. We provide a range of livestock handling solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. We keep a stock of standard gates and barriers but we can fabricate to a custom order. We also keep stock of sheep, medium and heavy field gates in various sizes.

Livestock Handling Equipment-Feeding Barrier
Feeding Barrier Galv

Barriers are available in standard and custom order sizes
Choice of galvanised or painted; hinged or fixed

Divide Gate

Divide Gate

5 bar cattle divide gate with drinker outlet
Choice of galvanised or painted


Creep Gate

creep gate

5 bar creep gate with telescopic extension
Choice of galvanised or painted


Sheep Gate

Optimized-sheepgateSheep gate made to custom size
Choice of galvanised or painted


Cattle Crush with skulling gate & Lifting arm

skulling gate & lifting arm



Skulling Gate

skulling gate


Crush Back Gate

crush back gate


Calving Gate

calving gate


Galvanise Drinker

drinkerComes complete with system
Plastic drinkers are also in stock


Field & Farm Gate - Sheep Gate (9 Bar)

Sheep Gate


Field & Farm Gate - Heavy gate (6 Bar)Field gate


Field & Farm Gate - Medium Gate (6 Bar)Field Gate